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J/22 Boathandling [342 KB] by Greg Fisher
J/22 Handling Puffs [349 KB] by Greg Fisher
Progress to Perfect Tacks by Steve Benjamin (Sailing World, April 2022)
Steering Techniques for Different Winds by Steve Hunt (Sailing World October 2021)
Determine if Your Mainsail Fits Your Mast by Steve Hunt (Sailing World, June 2020)
Sag for Speed [178 KB] by Mike Ingham (Sailing World September 2012)
Bend for Speed [253 KB] by Mike Ingham (Sailing World Oktober 2012)
Heel for Speed by Steve Hunt (Sailing World March 2016)
Boatspeed: The Jib and Flow by Mike Ingham (Sailing World August 2014)
Better Jib Performance by Jonathan Mckee (Sailing World February 1, 2017)
Flow Control of the Kite by Mike Ingham (Sailing World June 2015)
Getting the Most from your Backstay by Mike Ingham (Sailing World September 2015)
Centered Mast by Tim Healy (Sailing World April 2012)
Rigg- und Segeltrimm [2.976 KB] von Joachim Pelka

Boot und Boot

Strategie und Taktik

Smart Racing Strategies by Zeke Horowitz (Sailing World, Dezember 2020)
Clear Calls, Clear Tactics by Mike Ingham (Sailing World, März 2020)
When to Cross [111 KB] by Andy Horton with Dave Powlison (Sailing World, März, 2020)
Starting Tactics von Mark Rushall [4.350 KB]
Getting off the starting line [1.441 KB] (Ausschnitt) von Curtis Florence
Recover from a bad start [7.925 KB] von Terry Hutchinson, Sailingworld Februar 1997
Around the Race Course [211 KB] von Steve Hunt (2. erweiterte Version)
Best Angle Downwind [135 KB] by John Alofsin (Sailing World März 3, 2010)
Rounding the Windward and Offset Mark by Andrew Kerr (Sail1Design, November 3, 2014)


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